Property Management


Using leading high-powered, cloud-based software systems, we keep you well-informed, and involved in the decision-making as much or as little as you want. This is important if you are trying to maintain an active versus a passive role in your investment.

For a simple fee of 12% of rent collected, we produce sustainable income, care for your property and keep you well informed.

Big Picture Philosophy

Ug our own time-tested and proven Lifecycle Performance Strategies, we produce unmatched "Full-Service" results from your rental property (Asset).

Oservices are proactive and cost-effective keeping your property in the condition, that meets your goals. 

Risk Management

Manages your liability of financial loss due to lawsuits (now and future) by addressing the "grey" areas of landlord tenant law. Our full-service solutions includes your involvement.

Asset Management

We manage the physical property - We implement a proactive plan to maintain and improve your property to keep it in a salable condition to protect the value.

Tenant Management

Brian will manage the tenant relationship - We treat our tenant as partner and steward of your property. We create happy tenants because a happy tenant take better care of your property.

LifeCycle Real Estate Customer Loyalty

We pride ourselves on constantly improving service and performance by maintaining and nurturing a long-term relationship. We are a small and progressive company that leverages relationships to provide great pricing and lifelong service you can trust. We host a large community of service provides. Some include:

Agents – Lawyers – Contractors – Investigators – Interior Specialists – Exterior Consultation – Brokers – Insurance – Architects – Engineers

Our solutions

A Simple Pricing Model

No matter how many tenants we must find and negotiate leases with throughout our relationship – YOU PAY A FLAT FEE. This approach allows us to focus on your goals, versus transactions. Additional fees apply for service calls, repairs, remodels and improvements. Please contact us for more details.