About Us

LifeCycle Real Estate Services is a Licensed Real Estate Company in Minnesota, owned and operated by Southwest Minneapolis Realtor and Entrepreneur – Brian Weedman. 

He has been delivering local real estate success since 1997, helping friends, neighbors, and new residents find and establish residency in a place to call home.

The Weedman Motto:

“There are no surprises, but there will be solutions needed VERY quickly! My approach will save you thousands of dollars and hold your deal together." 

Brian leads a unique Full-Service Team delivering tailored real estate solutions.

I have expertise addressing all issues that come up during a sale and inspection that hold deals together. 

We sell your real estate – We produce buyers for your real estate – We manage real estate – We renovate, repair, and maintain real estate.

Who am I

Brian Weedman

I offer you my intellectual agility, local neighborhood knowledge, leadership, unique experiences and a guarantee to produce results.